We 3D print awesome.

Sometimes you need a prop or element that doesn’t exist. We can make it for you.


“Mack” the Dogbot

3D printing was the core of this project. We were supplied actual files from the game designers and converted them to be made for the real world. With dozens of parts and details we built this mechanical robot dog to showcase the look and feel of the game ReCore. It featured a moving head, sounds and an LED glowing orb in the middle.

Mack Dogbot Recore-3D-Printing-Process-04.jpg

Buffalo Wild Wings - Golden 3D Printed Chicken

Where can you find a golden chicken wing trophy? Nowhere, but we can made one. For this client, we made gold plated chicken wings to adorn a special trophy. It was something we never did, but with a few experiments in plating 3D printed plastics, we got the perfect looking basket of gold plated chicken wings.